The McKenna Academy: A Welcome from Dennis McKenna and Christina Chaya

Christina Chaya & Dennis McKenna

July 10, 2021 4:00 PM

Christina’s transition in 2002, from Senior Art Director of a marketing agency in Manhattan, to social and environmental entrepreneurialism in South America, led her to meet Dr. Dennis McKenna with the same passion for a common vision: an awakened world where all species thrive in harmonic interconnectivity. They embarked in establishing the McKenna Academy of Natural Philosophy ( As co-founder, board member and Executive Director of this blossoming 501(c)(3) nonprofit, she is not only accompanying the establishment of its roots, but also oversees the manifestation of its vision through the development of all its programs including the Journey of the Soul retreats, Mystery School Retreats (first launched with Alexandre Tannous in Nov 2019), online events including “A Tribute to Terence McKenna,” and the current Knowledge Preservation Project. Her life’s work reflects her respect for the wisdom of the ancestors, new sustainable innovations, and the basic needs of the people, in their space, at that time — for a more harmonic existence with the earth, with others, and with oneself.