An Ethical Investment: the Psychedelic Future

Sylvia Benito

July 7, 2021 10:00 AM

Sylvia Benito started her career as an aspiring healer, studying for a decade with shamanic and yogic masters. Driven by a desire to experience spiritual awakening, she explored everything from tantra, to long silent retreats, to plant medicine ceremonies – all purely in search of ultimate truths. After a decade of searching, during a prolonged yogic journey to India, Sylvia discovered a deep union with awakened consciousness itself, and realized love as foundational. With this taste of enlightenment, she saw that the modern era needs to change the “enlightenment narrative.” Upon her return from India, she decided to learn to manage investments as she became a Chartered Financial Analyst, with the hope to bringing together the worlds of consciousness and capital. Fast-forward another decade - she was managing over $1B in family office investments, as she continued her faithful studies in shamanism and healing. She realized that healing our trauma, was fundamental to wealth having true value and healthy purpose. As time revealed more, the worlds collided further. Inspired by a vision in a ceremony, she saw that it is possible to invest from deeper consciousness and love-based alignment. She learned to attune to investments during plant medicine ceremonies.