June 9th, 2020

Tania de Jong

Tuesday, June 9th
9:30 AM ET
A Magic Medicine Journey: How Mind Medicine Australia is Building an Ecosystem for Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies in Australia

Tania de Jong (pronounced Yong) AM is a trail-blazing Australian soprano, global speaker, award-winning social entrepreneur, creative innovation catalyst and spiritual journey woman. Tania is one of Australia’s most successful female entrepreneurs and innovators developing 5 businesses and 3 charities over the past 3 decades including Creative Universe, Creativity Australia and the With One Voice program, Creative Innovation Global, Mind Medicine Australia, Dimension5, MTA Entertainment & Events, Pot-Pourri and The Song Room. She was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia and named one of the 100 Women of Influence and the 100 Australian Most Influential Entrepreneurs. Tania has released eleven Albums and her TED Talk How Singing Together Changes The Brain has sparked international interest.

Luc van Poelje

Tuesday, June 9th
10 AM ET

What started out as an altruistic project, to bring a sacred safe setting to the use of magic, psilocybin truffles, became quite a busy business. With hundreds of clients from all over the world, we soon started our own center. Here the experience and skill set grew to create a center for the psychological guidance of psychedelics. We are creating a format and the science to operate safely, responsibly and with a shared value system we share through international collaborations. A common customer complaint, medical and mental health screening and professional integration therapists. We currently work on multiple plant medicine projects globally and receive daily requests from scientists and professionals from all over the world, if and how they can help.

Tanja Schomann & Nils von Heijne

Tuesday, June 9th
10:30 AM ET
PsychoActivating System Change: Upgrading leadership, innovation and systems through psychedelics and other psychoactive technologies

Dr. Tanja Schomann is the CEO and co-founder of PSYx, the ‘Systemic Psychedelic’ which is ‘PsychoActivating System Change’. PSYx is the World’s 1st platform to future-fit leadership, innovation and (global) systems solutions through the rigorous and purposeful application of science-backed PsychoActive Technologies (eg exogenous psychedelics & endogenous breathwork). PSYx thereby also acts as a bridge between the Psychedelic Renaissance and the 4th Industrial Revolution to synergise solutions for complex global challenges at the self, sector & eco-societal dimensions.

Nick Milne, PhD

Tuesday, June 9th
11 AM ET
Accessing Psychedelics Without Exploiting Natural or Cultural Resources: Yeast-Fermentation as a Scalable and Cost-Effective Production Method for Psychedelic Molecules

Nick Milne, PhD., is a fungal biological engineer and Co-founder and CSO of Octarine, a synthetic biology company developing yeast-based production platforms for cannabinoids, psychedelics, and their novel improved derivatives. Nick’s research focuses on understanding how and why organisms produce specialized molecules, and through genetic engineering, how this can be exploited to improve human health. Driven by the growing mental health crisis, Nick began investigating the metabolic pathways various organisms use to produce psychedelics, and, by transferring the genetic information into yeast demonstrated a viable production method for psilocybin and a range of psychedelic tryptamine derivatives.

Brett Greene

Tuesday, June 9th
11:30 AM ET

Brett has been an advocate for psychedelic research and education for over 20 years. He is the Research Administrator for the Center for Drug Discovery at Northeastern University, a position he has held for more than 10 years. He has co-managed over $80m in grant funding to support cannabinoid and serotonin research. He co-founded Psymposia in 2014, a prominent media and events company globally recognized for its social, political, and scientific coverage of the psychedelic movement, as well as having held numerous conferences and events around the globe.

Irie Selkirk

Tuesday, June 9th
12 PM ET

Irie Selkirk is the co-founder and Director of Rise Wellness Retreat in Jamaica, providing psilocybin experiences; co-founder of Sansero Life Sciences - a psilocybin bioscience company based in Canada; co-founder of the MAPS Canada Toronto Support Chapter, and the Chief Communications Officer for SheCann Cannabis - a female focused medical cannabis advocacy group. She is an expert on patient care, education and acquisition focused on psychedelics, natural and plant medicines. A lifetime of plant and natural medicine experiences combined with her academic studies and a background in wellness has led to over 10 years as an insightful educator, advocate and business leader. Irie believes that thoughtful medicine consumption and mindfulness can infuse a sense of purpose and wonder into our modern lives, improving our days and connecting us with ourselves and those around us in a meaningful way.

Ian McDonald

Tuesday, June 9th
12:30 PM ET

Ian is responsible for developing the overall strategic vision as well as assembling the intellectual and capital resources to bring scientific innovations to market. Prior to founding Bright Minds Ian worked in a senior role at a Canadian Investment Bank and in Private equity in Vancouver, London and Toronto. He maintained deep relationships with investors and helped develop capital market strategies for issuers. Under McDonald’s guidance, clients raised hundreds of millions of dollars in capital. Ian has served as a member of the Board of Directors of several TSX Venture Exchange, Canadian Securities Exchange-listed and private companies

Ash Shirazi & Chris Davis

Tuesday, June 9th
For the Love of Mushrooms

Ash Shirazi founded his first nonprofit organization, the Oklahoma Mycological Society (OKMS), while investigating community empowerment opportunities in 2019. OKMS is responsible for spreading awareness, strengthening the conservation, and pursuing the study of Oklahoma’s Fungi. The OKMS Radical Mycology program was created to educate marginalized elementary school students on topics including the fungal lifecycle, mycoremediation, mycelial building materials and more. After receiving feedback from the local community, Ash founded the Oklahoma Psilocybin Services Initiative (OKPSI) to allow broader community dialogue surrounding the therapeutic benefits of organic psilocybin mushrooms in a safe, decriminalized setting.

Ben Kaplan

Tuesday, June 9th
1:30 PM ET

Ben is an entrepreneur working from South Florida for over 20 years. Prior to moving to South Florida, conducted various investment activities out of New York City. An investor in many other companies both public and private, with a focus on international growth and potential for a global presence. 2018 acquired a 30k strong sales force in over 20 countries Multi-level company from South Florida with a group of investors. 2018 Sensi Magazine and a group of global investors formed a partnership. 2019 will see the publication in multiple countries expanding the Botanical Lifestyles of unique destinations globally.

Hayim Raclaw

Tuesday, June 9th
Interview with PsyTech CEO Hayim Raclaw on Importance of Community in the Psychedelic Space

Hayim is an adventurous business leader driven by the double bottom line of doing well financially and doing good in the world. He is experienced in international business development and financing and has spent his 20+ year career building global healthcare companies. Recently, Hayim led iCAN’s Incubator, and took the helm at PsyTech in February 2020.

Lynn Marie Morski, MD

Tuesday, June 9th
Interview with PsyTech CEO Hayim Raclaw on Importance of Community in the Psychedelic Space

Dr. Lynn Marie Morski is a Mayo Clinic-trained physician in family medicine and sports medicine, as well as an attorney and former adjunct law professor. She hosts the Plant Medicine Podcast, is the founder of Plant, and serves as medical director for Morski worked at the Veterans Administration for nine years, and her biggest frustration during that time was that she was unable to discuss the benefits of many medications she knew could help the veterans she was serving, like cannabinoid treatments and psychedelic-assisted therapy.Dr. Morski practiced medicine for 14 years, and after leaving clinical medicine, she made it her mission to help fill the gap in the medical community's knowledge of psychedelics by educating her fellow physicians on the plant medicines and entheogens that could bring life-changing relief to their patients, while also educating potential users on what options they could seek for treatment of their conditions beyond the pharmaceuticals they’re sold on commercials.
In furtherance of this mission, she started the Plant Medicine Podcast to bring scientific researchers, practitioners, and those who have been personally affected by the healing powers of these plants together to help educate the public on what is possible and help further research and decriminalization of these substances. She also founded to serve as a repository of information and resources for those seeking to learn more about these medicines.

Chris Witowski

Tuesday, June 9th
2:30 PM ET
A New Era in Psychedelics: Pharmacology and the Future of Mindful Medicine

Christopher G. Witowski, PhD: Chris has always been fascinated with nature and the benefits it supplies to humanity. His first research project was assessing lipid profiles of microalgae on an algae-to-biofuels grant. From there, the main focus of his PhD studies was to cultivate fungi and bacteria using innovative techniques to increase their bioactivity and therapeutic potential. He transitioned into the burgeoning cannabis industry as the chief scientist and leader for multi-state operated AltMed. Under his direction, 50+ distinct cannabis-infused products have been developed and launched receiving critical acclaim. The MüV brand features pharmaceutically developed patches, gels, inhalers, and oral delivery systems. His career research has led to a patent portfolio of anti-infective natural products, medicinal chemistry, as well as cannabinoid compositions and methods of use. Psychedelic molecules such as psilocybin further characterize the reemergence of natural products as holistic medicines. The core mechanism of these neuromodulators will revolutionize our understanding of mental health and treatment of these afflictions. He co-founded Psilera Bioscience with the aim to develop new drug-based therapies to tackle mood disorders, cognitive diseases, and addiction. In its early stages Psilera has secured seed capital, engaged with research collaborators, and established intellectual property for new formulations and therapies.

Craig Trester

Tuesday, June 9th
3:00 PM ET
Anthropocene to Holobiocene: Entheogenic Insights On Social Ecology

Craig M. Trester is an educator and citizen scientist that utilizes biomimicry and permaculture principles through applied mycology to develop regenerative solutions for many of the environmental challenges that impact our world. Through educational outreach he has sought to provide people with the knowledge and resources to recognize and practically apply the benefits that fungi have to offer our health, environment, and society. Aside from Craig's work as an educator much of his research focuses upon how might the qualitatively regenerative principles and techniques of permaculture be combined with the quantitatively powerful tools of molecular biology to paint a picture of the deeper ecological connections throughout nature facilitated by our microbial world. He believes novel approaches for bioremediation, carbon sequestration, and regenerative agriculture can be made a reality, through research of fungi and soil biology, diligent observation of our surroundings, and intentional application of beneficial microorganisms.


Tuesday, June 9th
3:30 PM ET

Shauheen Etminan, PhD

Tuesday, June 9th

Dr. Shauheen Etminan is an experimentalist, innovator and serial entrepreneur with experience from multiple industries, including energy, IT, arts, events and festivals, cannabis, and psychedelics. He is fascinated by how safe and thoughtful use of entheogens contributes to and accelerates humankind’s mind ascension through consciousness expansion and pain alleviation. The challenge he and his team is tackling at VCENNA, is finding the solution and protocols on “How to use technology to make the self-administered psychedelic therapy for mental wellness and betterment safer, approachable and more effective?”.

Sarah Hashkes

Tuesday, June 9th
4:30 PM ET
Psychedelics and Immersive Technology: A Pathway Towards Collective Consciousness

Sarah Hashkes, CEO or Radix Motion. Sarah is utilizing her research in cognitive neuroscience and psychedelics to create 3D human movement data channels. She is trying to disrupt the way we interface with technology using an embodied cognition approach that focused on users well being and ability to foster a deeper connection that can only be reached through physical interactions.

Susan Chapelle

Tuesday, June 9th

Susan Chapelle EMBA, is an inventive leader with a highly successful career building businesses, leading as a two-term elected politician, and influencing changes that improve organizations and emergent industries. Susan has scaled businesses in healthcare, technology and collaborative workspaces. She has advised global technology companies on development of online platforms and integrations. She is a keynote speaker on digital innovation and smart cities technology and a published researcher in the fields of neuroscience and wound healing mechanisms. Susan has presented her studies and consulted across the globe. Susan is excited to open minds and bring better access to human performance as co-CEO of HAVN Life.

David Grillot

Tuesday, June 9th
5:30 PM ET
Sharing your Gifts

Dave Grillot, based in Costa Rica, is one of the founders of the Thank You Plant Medicine movement, dedicated to ending the stigma surrounding psychoactive plant medicines and psychedelics and responsibly integrating them into society. In less than a year, TYPM has grown to have over 900 volunteers and 120 organizational partners. Dave has a degree in physics, and in his spare time enjoys salsa dancing, surfing and conflict mediation.