June 7th, 2020


Sunday, June 7th
9:30 AM ET

Anne Phillipi

Sunday, June 7th
10 AM ET
New psychedelics, lifestyle and healing stories

Anne Philippi was a journalist for Conde Nast and Rolling Stone, lived in Los Angeles and is now based in Berlin. She writes for Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, is a book author and now the founder/ CEO of The New Health Club, a lifestyle platform for the age of mental wellness and psychedelics, creating podcasts, newsletter and an upcoming show about modern healing stories.

Jasmine Virdi

Sunday, June 7th
10:30 AM ET
Psychedelics, Ecology, and Biospheric Interconnectedness

Jasmine is an experienced freelance writer, editor, and proofreader. For the past two years, she has been working for the fiercely independent publishing company, Synergetic Press, where her passions for ecology, ethnobotany, and psychoactive substances converge. She is passionate about the healing potentials of psychoactive plants and substances as well as their capacity to help us connect with the with the natural world around us. Her goal as writer, advocating psychoactive substances is to raise awareness of the socio-historical and cultural contexts in which these substances emerged in order to help integrate them into our modern-day lives in a safe, grounded and meaningful way.

Sarah Rose Siskind

Sunday, June 7th
11 AM ET
When Douchebags Discover Psychedelics

Sarah Rose Siskind is the host of "Drug Test," a monthly live science comedy show about psychedelics that was recently written up in The New Yorker. She's a psychedelic comedian who has performed at functions for MAPS and The Assemblage and other places. She runs a company,, a science communications consulting firm that is dedicated to making smart people funny. She was head writer for Neil deGrasse Tyson's late night show StarTalk and has written comedy for UCB, Fox, CBS, wrote jokes for the White House Press Correspondents Dinner, and performs all over New York City.

Christian Angermayer

Sunday, June 7th
11:30 AM ET

Before founding ATAI Life Sciences to address the mental healthcare crisis, Christian co-founded Ribopharma which merged with US peer Alnylam in 2003 and subsequently went public. Since then, Christian has created, co-founded and invested in numerous successful companies, has raised approximately USD 2 billion for his portfolio companies and has been involved in more than 40 successful IPO- and M&A-transactions either as an entrepreneur, investor, banker, or advisor.

Madison Margolin

Sunday, June 7th
12 PM ET

Madison Margolin is the co-founder and managing editor of DoubleBlind, a biannual print magazine and digital media company at the forefront of the rapidly growing psychedelic movement. Also a Los Angeles/New York-based journalist, Margolin covers psychedelics, cannabis, drug policy, and spirituality. She’s written for Playboy Magazine, Rolling Stone, Nylon, VICE, LA Weekly, High Times, Tablet, and others. A graduate of Columbia Journalism School and UC Berkeley, Margolin has traveled everywhere from pot farms in the Emerald Triangle to the shores of the Ganges River, and all over Israel-Palestine, exploring the role of plant medicine in religion, mental health, and conflict resolution. She got her start in journalism with a column on cannabis at the Village Voice, after having lived in south Tel Aviv working with Eritrean refugees.

Shelby Hartman

Sunday, June 7th
12 PM ET

Shelby Hartman is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of DoubleBlind, a biannual print magazine and digital media company at the forefront of the rapidly growing psychedelic movement. Also a reporter and editor specializing in psychedelics, cannabis, drug policy, and mental health, her work has appeared in VICE, Quartz, the Huffington Post, and Rolling Stone, among others. Hartman worked in broadcast news production for CBS News, covering presidential elections, protests, natural disasters, and other breaking news. Spurred by a passion for print and investigative reporting, she transitioned to magazine writing, working as an editor at Pasadena Magazine and receiving her Master’s Degree in long-form journalism from Columbia University in 2015. Since, Hartman has worked as a columnist at LA Weekly and an editor at Herb, the largest cannabis media company, with extensive features on the cannabis industry, the psychedelic research boom, the popularization of ayahuasca, and post-traumatic stress disorder in the veteran community.


Sunday, June 7th
12:30 PM ET

Mike “Zappy” Zapolin

Sunday, June 7th
1:30 PM ET
Psychedelic Activism

Playboy Magazine - “Meet The Man Who Wants To Change The World With Psychedelics”Mike “Zappy” Zapolin won the Amsterdam Film Festival’s Van Gogh award for Documentary Directing on his film “The Reality Of Truth” which focuses on the importance of going inside ones own mind for answers and healing. The film features actress Michelle Rodriguez, Deepak Chopra, Ram Dass, Dr. Drew, Marianne Williamson, and Joel Osteen. His latest film “Lamar Odom: Reborn” documents the psychedelic intervention Zappy gave to Lamar over the last two years using the breakthrough treatments of Ketamine and Ibogaine.Zappy is also the visionary behind such Internet brands as,,,,, and 

A regular guest of the media 

Zappy is the creator of the Harvard Business School elective "eBusiness," and recently moderated a first of its kind panel at the Milken Global Conference titled “Highs and Lows of the Cannabis Economy”Zappy Co-Founded with Warren Gumpel the Ketamine Fund 501(c)3 which provides free ketamine treatments to veterans suffering from PTSD or having suicidal ideations, with the mission of lowering suicide rates by 75%.

Kyle Buller

Sunday, June 7th

Kyle Buller is the co-founder of Psychedelics Today, an education/media platform and weekly podcast that explores the science and culture of the emerging psychedelic field. Kyle earned his B.A. in Transpersonal Psychology from Burlington College, where he focused on studying the healing potential of non-ordinary states of consciousness by exploring shamanism, Reiki, local medicinal plants and plant medicine, Holotropic Breathwork. Kyle has been studying breathwork since October 2010 with Lenny and Elizabeth Gibson of Dreamshadow Transpersonal Breathwork. Kyle also earned his M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with an emphasis on Somatic Psychology. Kyle’s clinical background in mental health consists of working with at-risk teenagers in crisis and with individuals experiencing an early-episode of psychosis and providing counseling to undergraduate/graduate students in a university setting.

Steph Yin

Sunday, June 7th
2:30 PM ET

Steph Feini Yin (they/them) is a journalist and community organizer who works at the intersection of science, health, technology, and social justice. They are working with the SoundMind project, a nonprofit in Philadelphia dedicated to inclusive psychedelic healing and medicine. You can find them on Twitter @feini_yin.

Zach Haigney

Sunday, June 7th
3:00 PM ET

Zach Haigney is a freelance science and business writer. He is the author and founder of The Trip Report, a newsletter offering insight, news, and analysis at the intersection of business, policy and psychedelics. Zach is drawn to the emerging psychedelic ecosystem because restoring psychedelic experience to the culture is a watershed moment in human history. The Trip Report keeps readers informed by analyzing the news within the context of the larger themes, forces and history of psychedelic science, culture and practice.