June 14th, 2020

Jake Kobrin

Sunday, June 14th
9:30 AM ET
Psychedelic Visionary Art: Its Modern History and Relevance in Modern Culture'

The work of Jake Kobrin is psychedelic, unusual, dark, beautiful, and elegant. His work seeks to illuminate experiences which Jake has had that are outside of the realm of normal waking consciousness, moving into numinous and visionary realms with natural ease. His work explores the interplay of shadow and light, both in the delicate modelling of the forms of his pictures but also in the character of the subjects he portrays, his work showing a willingness to embrace all aspects of emotion from revelation and peace, to fear and disharmony. He considers himself an "interdimensional midwife and conduit" believing that the role of the artist is to be able to move outside of themselves and to act as a conduit for higher consciousness to move through them. In this way he says, "I do not claim authorship for any of the works of art I have painted. I am a channel for Great Spirit to create through me." He currently lives in Ubud, Bali and he grew up in San Francisco. He is one of the few psychedelic artists with a formal classical art education, having studied classical realist drawing and painting in Florence, Italy at the Angel Academy of Art. He is also a tattoo artist, and is inspired by the traditional ceremonial contexts that ancient cultures held around tattooing. He is honoured to bring people through the ancient rite of passage of being tattooed in a way that is intentional and reverent. Besides painting and tattooing, Jake is also the founder and designer of a jewellery and fashion brand called Medicine Dragon Designs, and is a DJ and musician, as well as a tattoo artist, published writer, speaker, and podcaster.

Daan Keiman

Sunday, June 14th
10 AM ET

Daan is deeply concerned with the ethics of the psychedelic renaissance. As the psychedelic industry is growing rapidly, ensuring equal access to psychedelic substances and developing appropriate, ethical care for marginalized communities become increasingly important. Moreover, Daan wonders if and how psychedelic-assisted treatment models could address the socio-economic structures, the ecological crises, and the meaning crisis, that deeply impact people's mental health. Daan works as a Lead Facilitator and Director of Ethics and Advocacy at Synthesis Retreats and is one of the co-founders of the Guild of Guides Netherlands, an organisation that seeks to professionalize psychedelic sitting services. He holds an MA in Spiritual Care and is currently developing a framework for Psychedelic Chaplaincy that is somatically, morally and relationally oriented. His experience with guiding and caring for people in altered states of consciousness spans over a decade; ranging from psychedelic harm reduction work on festivals to his private practice as a Buddhist and psychedelic chaplain.

Tobias Erny

Sunday, June 14th
10:30 AM ET
Microdosing - an easy accessible way of using Iboga and Ibogaine

Tobias Erny, coming from a chemical / pharmaceutical background and profession as scientific glassblower in Basel / Switzerland, has worked with Iboga/ine since 2006. After experiencing its enormous healing qualities himself, he immersed deeply into research and work with the sacred wood. Besides helping others to witness and decode the ancient wisdom of Iboga, he writes, talks and organises events evolving around Iboga/ine. He is author of the german book "Iboga - mystical entheogen and traditional plantmedicine from Africa" and helps setting up the European Ibogaine Confernce in Brussels Nov 2020.

Dr. Mark Braunstein

Sunday, June 14th
11 AM ET

Dr. Mark Braunstein is a psychiatrist who uses modalities such as wilderness therapy, osteopathic medicine, and cannabis psychiatry to help patients. He's the Medical Director at Medicinal Mindfulness, the Chief Psychedelic Officer at Ehave, and recently became the Chief Medical Officer at the Phoenix Psychedelic Healing Center.

Juliana Mulligan

Sunday, June 14th
11:30 AM ET

Juliana Mulligan has been an active member of the Ibogaine community for eight years and holds a B.A. in Psychology. She has worked in three Ibogaine clinics, trained under Dr. Andrew Tatarsky, and is a certified EMT. Under her current business Inner Vision Ibogaine, she works therapeutically with people supporting them in preparation for, and in integration after, Ibogaine treatment. Previously she was an opioid dependent person for seven years during which she served time in county jail, experienced overdoses, was homeless, and tried most mainstream forms of treatment. In 2011 with the help of Ibogaine she left opioids behind. Although her treatment was a success, the clinic was practicing unsafely and she narrowly survived six cardiac arrests and two weeks on a pacemaker in the ICU. This experience led her to focus much of her work on safety and proper clinical practice. She is also currently working to create new systems of accountability and responsibility amongst Ibogaine practitioners. She has been featured in Double Blind magazine, Woman's Day magazine, and Psymposia.

Hannah McLane

Sunday, June 14th
12 PM ET

"Hannah McLane, MD, MA, MPH is a physician, psychotherapist, entrepreneur, and nonprofit founder. She holds degrees from McGill University (BA, International Development Studies), Temple University (MA, Communication Sciences), Brown University (MD, Doctor of Medicine), and Harvard School of Public Health (MPH, Global health and Bioethics). Her residency experiences include neurology and Occupational and Environmental Medicine (University of Pennsylvania). Her post-residency training includes postdoc fellowship in Patient Safety (VA Medical Center, Philadelphia), psychoanalytic training (PCOP), and MDMA-Assisted-Psychotherapy training (MAPS).In 2010 she founded the SoundMind Project, which is a global organization aimed at providing alternative therapies for neurologic and mental health disorders. The SoundMind Center, a psychedelic therapy center in West Philadelphia, will also be a collaborative-thinktank-space aimed at re-envisioning what medicine could be; it is opening in summer 2020. She conducts research at the VA Medical Center in Philadelphia which focuses on cognitive diversity, PTSD, Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy, and emerging alternative therapies for mental health issues. She is one of only a few dozen physicians in the United States training with MAPS to be an MDMA-Assisted-Psychotherapy provider, in their Expanded Access program. Find her on twitter and facebook @hannahmclanemd and her psychedelic clinic at"

Jesse Gould

Sunday, June 14th
12:30 PM ET
From Battlefields to Breakthroughs

Jesse Gould is a pioneer in psychedelic therapies. As Founder and President of the Heroic Hearts Project, he has spearheaded the research and acceptance of ayahuasca therapy programs for military veterans. Jesse has raised over $200,000 in scholarships from donors including Dr. Bronner’s, partnered with the world’s leading ayahuasca treatment centers and is researching psychiatric applications with the University of Colorado Boulder and the University of Georgia. His mission is to help military veterans struggling with mental trauma and spread awareness of the benefits that ayahuasca therapies offer as an alternative treatment to pharmaceuticals. Jesse has spoken globally about the benefits of psychedelics on mental health and has been recognized as one of the Social Entrepreneurs To Watch For In 2020 by Cause Artist.

Colin Pugh

Sunday, June 14th
Psychedelics and Contemplative Spirituality: How the psychedelic experience can be understood in the context of contemplative spiritual practice

Colin Pugh is the President of the Brooklyn Psychedelic Society, a community that supports individuals who are pursuing transformative psychedelic experiences.


Sunday, June 14th
1:30 PM ET
Regenerative Futures of Psychedelic Business

Magenta is an organizational development consultant specializing in regenerative business and equitable leadership. She directs Bloom Network, a global incubator for bioregional solutions to climate change and societal well-being. She advocates for decriminalization of psychedelics and respect for the autonomy of Indigenous medicine practices.

David Henry Richanbach

Sunday, June 14th
Regulation Theory for Fruitful Psychedelic Voyages

Counselor, Teacher, Friend, Yogi, Poet and Co-Creator of the New world - DHR has been dedicated to exploring the fundamental questions at the heart of human existence and the expressions of life which bring the greatest experience of happiness, wholeness, freedom, and fulfillment. An intrepid psychonaut with a sincere dedication to compassion, wisdom and awakening, his experience includes 15-years of yoga and meditation, intensive study with plant medicines, in-depth therapies, advanced education, along with trainings and mentorship with brilliant teachers. Through his one-on-one private counseling, leading groups and educational offering, he guides folks to live more rich and meaningful lives.


Sunday, June 14th
2:30 PM ET

Kufikiri Hiari Imara

Sunday, June 14th
ENTHEOGENIC EMERGENCE Where are we now and where are going as a broadening community, as it relates to various ecosystems, viewed from a cultural perspective of socially marginalized communities.

Kufikiri Hiari Imara was born and raised in Oakland, California. He grew up in an Oakland very different than the one we see today, it was an Oakland with a broader and more embodied sense of community. He grew up the youngest in a household with parents who are both Bay Area natives, both of them born in San Francisco. As well, both his parents growing up were active in the Civil Rights and Black Power Movements of a San Francisco of the 1960’s & 70’s. He grew up in a home and a community environment that strongly emphasized social awareness and social responsibility. Play that forward to an older, wiser individual who unfolded his path through a love of the arts, and his own personal healing/spiritual journey. That path lead him to volunteer work with Green Earth Poets Society bringing poetry to incarcerated African-American youth. He is one of the early members of the Entheogen Integration Circle, a support group in NYC with a focus on marginalized communities within the psychedelic community. He is currently involved with Sacred Garden Community, having completed their facilitator's workshop, which aids him in deepening his work as a ceremonial facilitator working with ethnically diverse communities. One of the reasons he got involved with the Decriminalize Nature Oakland (DNO) initiative was to support effective access. As the former head of the DNO committee focused on Outreach, Education, Access, & Integration he worked to encourage broad access to the education and opportunity to profoundly change one’s life for the better through working with entheogens. Paying special attention to Oakland’s ethnically diverse and marginalized communities, he is actively working with individuals and organizations doing the work in these communities for a better tomorrow. Access has always been his message and was the focus of his talk when he spoke at the CIIS/Chacruna Symposium Cultural and Political Perspectives on Psychedelic Science, August 2018 in San Francisco. As well as his talk hosted by the San Francisco Psychedelic Society, March 2019. He continues to work towards accessible choices for ethnically diverse and marginalized communities in their ability heal themselves.

Tyler Fink

Sunday, June 14th
3:30 PM ET
Transforming the Shadow: A Personalized Journey through Addiction Recovery and the Integration Process

Through his own pursuit of recovery during a 12-year opiate addiction, Tyler has explored many conventional and alternative modalities of recovery. However, it wasn’t until Tyler found the therapeutic use of psychedelic medicines that he was able to fully work through and reconstruct an entirely new relationship with his addiction and his life. For the last 6 years Tyler has passionately explored psychedelic methods. During this time Tyler earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, worked for two different ibogaine centers, consulted for an ibogaine aftercare facility and began working as an addiction recovery and psychedelic integration coach. In line with the transformational work Tyler also facilitates sound healing experiences and co-facilitates men’s talking circles. Tyler earned a certification in transformational recovery coaching through the company Being True To You.

Kat Courtney

Sunday, June 14th

Kat Courtney, The AfterLife Coach, is a traditionally trained Ayahuasquera and plant medicine guide with 15 years of training, as well as a vocal advocate for all sacred psychedelic spaces. Kat is an experienced Shamanic Coach, helping seekers prepare for and integrate these powerful medicines. Kat also works with people confronting issues around death and shadow, and anyone looking to be more deeply connected to their souls. Her calling is to be a light as we walk through our darkness, and to remind us that everything is always OK.

Dr. Lee-Anne Francios-Dornbusch

Sunday, June 14th
4:30 PM ET

Dr Lee-Anne Francois-Dornbusch is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor with over 26 years of formal education, practicing integrative mind-body-heart-soul therapies incorporating plant medicines and sacred sexuality. She is a quantum therapist, transformation specialist and shaman facilitating the return of the divine self. Mother of 4, she resides in Chicagoland, IL, USA, hosts the podcast, Naturopathic Life and Living and is a columnist for both XBIZ and Sexual Health Magazine.

Ivan and Lana Rados

Sunday, June 14th
Integrative Shamanic Wisdom - the Magic Witnessing Meditation Method

Ivan: Head healer, Cosmic Maestro, Meditation Master, Spiritual Teacher, Founder of Magic Witnessing Meditation, Intronaut, and the Middle Point. Lana: Master Healer, Cosmic Psychotherapist, Co-Founder of Magic Witnessing Meditation and Intronaut

Dr. Nicolas Wong

Sunday, June 14th
5:30 PM ET
The Path of the Apprentice - The Magic Witnessing Meditation Method

Dr. Nicholas Wong obtained his MD from Dalhousie Medical School in Halifax. He is an INTRONAUT CONCIERGE, Apprentice Intuitive Healer, Certified Breathwave Facilitator, Tuned Earth Sound Healer, Psychedelic Coach.