An Exploration of the Psychedelics Ecosystem

July 6th-15th, 2021


Last year we were building foundations.
Now we're grappling with the complexity.

Research has ramped up to a global scale. Enthusiasm is at an all time high, while misinformation runs rampant.

Creators, artists, and activists are all finding that who is considered a part of the psychedelics community is rapidly changing.

Hundreds of millions of dollars of capital are being deployed into a market that is still founded on the nonprofit, academic model.

What does the psychedelics ecosystem look like today? How will it change over the coming decade?

What does a healthy future look like? What steps can we take today to make it happen?

This conference seeks to answer these questions through presentations from the leading experts in psychedelics. Researchers, activists, artists, entrepreneurs, and nonprofit directors will all be contributing their own perspectives.