June 7th-16th, 2020

Bringing Together the Psychedelics Community

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Anyone involved in psychedelics understands that things are quickly changing.

Research has ramped up to a global scale. Enthusiasm is at an all time high, while misinformation runs rampant.

Creators, artists, and activists are all finding that who is considered a part of the psychedelics community is rapidly changing.

Hundreds of millions of dollars of capital are being deployed into a market that is still founded on the nonprofit, academic model.

What does the psychedelics ecosystem look like today? How will it change over the coming decade?

What does a healthy future look like? What steps can we take today to make it happen?

This conference seeks to answer these questions through presentations from the leading experts in psychedelics. Researchers, activists, artists, entrepreneurs, and nonprofit directors will all be contributing their own perspectives.

OUR  Speakers

David Grillot

Sheri & Tom Eckert

Rick Strassman

Amanda Sage

Sarah Rose Siskind

David Nichols

Morgan Mandala

Kevin Matthews

JR Rahn

Rotem Petranker

Jasmine Virdi

Wyly Gray

Del Jolly

Mark Braunstein

Kufikiri Imara

Chris Dyer

Colin Pugh

Ronan Levy

Judy Blumstock

Marik Hazan

Alex Speiser

Myles Katz

Shlomi Raz

Srinivas Rao

Tyler Bryden

David Champion

Zach Haigney

Anne Philippi

Ben Kaplan

Sarah Hashkes

Lana Rados

Luc van Poelje

Ivan Rados

Nick Wong

Kat Courtney

Dustin Robinson

Susan Chapelle

Julie & Jerry Brown

Hannah McLane

Chris Witowski

Juliana Mulligan

Tanja Schomann

Tobias Erny

Liba Stambollion

Madalyn McElwain

Craig Trester

Graham Boyd

Darren Springer

Reid Robison

Tania de Jong

David Wood

Ian Mcdonald

Irie Selkirk

Robert Laurie

Shauheen Etminan

Tyler Fink

Harsh Taneja

Nick Milne

Dr. Lee-Anne Francois-Dornbusch

Ash Shirazi

Aaron Genuth

Omri Shmulewitz

Mendel Kaelen

Kim Kuypers

Danielle Negrin

Kyle Buller

Flor Bollini

Justin Townsend

Dana Beal

Tim Ko

William Goss

Jesse Gould

Jonathan Sporn

Jesse Hudson

Adele Lafrance

Mike “Zappy” Zapolin

Brett Greene

Magenta Ceiba

Ashley Southard

Talia Eisenberg

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