Exploring psychedelics through social, economic, and political perspectives

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Interviews, articles, and podcasts from industry experts across every sector

We focus on providing high quality content that explores what the future of psychedelics may hold. From interviews with researchers and therapists to podcast episodes featuring top startups in the space, we work to provide a realistic picture of what the psychedelics ecosystem looks like today, its future, and how we can facilitate meaningful contributions in global mental health.

If you're interested in being featured as a guest, contribute, or have ideas for how we could improve our content, please get in touch at team@psyched.studio.
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The Premiere Conference for Entrepreneurship and Investing in Psychedelics

What does the future of psychedelics access look like?

Throughout panels, community discussions, and lectures PSYCHED 2020 will explore answers to this question and many more. How do we build an industry that prioritizes patient outcomes and not just the bottom line? How do we infuse the culture of sales and distribution with a meaningful awareness of set and setting?

There are currently not enough conversations around these questions. We will broaden the conversation around psychedelics by bringing voices from every discipline and sector.


We provide $1000 grants for ambassadors to host events in their city.

Send us an email to team@psyched.studio and let us know about your interest. We’ll follow up with details and the process for getting started.


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